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The Lightness of Being

& The Burden of Gravity

Thesis Exhibition Presentation, 2008.

The challenge of the human condition is to bear the loss that comes with every second, moving forward, breathing without thinking; moving forward, through moments that pass so uneventfully that we will not recall them, along with moments that we experience so profoundly that we begin to use them as landmarks in our personal histories.

My view of time is of something that surrounds me and becomes a part of my identity. Yet, as I contemplate what it means to be, I must face the constancy with which that being also changes.

Regardless of the things that I remember, or that I forget, gravity perpetuates the movement of time. Thus, gravity becomes our greatest burden. Through my writing and research, I explore the dual nature of being, and the transient natures of both the intellectual and physical self.

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